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Document destroyer moves to Gering
May 19, 2010 Jerry Purvis   

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After almost a year of keeping old and expired documents out of prying hands, Docu-Shred is moving its operation to Gering.
The new building, which will house offices, a garage and a paper baler, should start going up this week at the corner of M Street and Pappas Boulevard. The owners plan to be in the new facility by mid-June. All the work will be provided by local vendors.
Last year, co-owners John Schlothauer and Doug Koob saw the need for a local provider for document destruction. The nearest one at that time was in North Platte. So on June 1, 2009, Docu-Shred opened for business with offices in Schlothauer’s insurance business in Scottsbluff.
“We started off with one truck,” Schlothauer said. “We bought a second one in November. Now we’re building a facility in Gering.” He added that his insurance business will also relocate when the building is ready.
Docu-Shred brings their truck to the customer’s site on an arranged schedule to shred any documents the customer needs to dispose of safely. Destroying personal information is becoming more important to help stop identity theft. Businesses are getting more stringent about shredding old documents, especially when online credit card transactions are involved.
When Docu-Shred staged its first free shred day last June, about 12,000 pounds of paper were destroyed. Since then, many of the community’s larger businesses have signed on to have their old documents shredded.
“Business has really picked up since we opened,” Schlothauer said. “We’re going to start handling documents for Regional West Medical Center in June, which should increase our business about four times. It’s a big step for a small, local business.”
Currently, Docu-Shred services more than 60 clients, from banks to accountants to insurance agencies. The company also accepts recyclable paper that doesn’t necessarily have to be shredded before disposal.
Once the facility is in operation, Docu-Shred will be baling all of the paper it shreds, so it will be ready for pick up by the recycler.
For compliance with all certification standards, Docu-Shred has also been given a AAA rating from the National Association for Information Destruction.
“We really appreciate all the support we’ve received from local businesses,” Schlothauer said. “We’ve grown a lot bigger than I first thought we’d be in our first year, which is good. With the new business, we’ll be handling from 40 to 50 tons of paper a month for recycling.”
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