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Elevator will better serve church membership
March 22, 2012 Jerry Purvis   

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Construction is ongoing for a new elevator for the Gering First United Methodist Church. The elevator has been on the church’s “wish list” for a number of years.

What some people have describes as a large hole in front of the Gering First United Methodist Church will soon be the location of a new elevator, allowing for easier access to the church.

“This has been on the drawing board for about 20 years,” said Pastor Lauren Ekdahl. “The church is doing well and several in our congregation will benefit from the access this will provide. It will also be a welcoming aspect to the community and makes accessibility to the church much better.”

Once completed, the elevator will serve the main floor where the sanctuary is located and the basement.

“We have a soup kitchen on Wednesdays,” Ekdahl said. “There are also other meetings at the church during the week where people can benefit. This is an improvement we’ve needed for some time.”

A handicap access ramp had been installed on the south side of the building, but over the years, its condition deteriorated.

“When we had to take a look at whether to replace the ramp or put in an elevator, we decided on the elevator,” Ekdahl said. “The elevator will be next to the main entrance.”

A circular driveway will be included for easy drop-off and the church is considering valet parking in some cases, as needed.

The projected completion date is early July. However, it could be done sooner if the recent mild weather continues.
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