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Good Evening friend!
Theatre West’s Cabaret torch burns brightly
July 26, 2012 Lisa Betz   

Photo by Elizabeth Gross/Gering Citizen - The Emcee (Nate Rocke) performs “Two Ladies” with Kit Kat dancers from left, Titus Kautz and Chloe King in Theatre West’s fine production of Cabaret.

Four days after seeing the Theatre West production of Cabaret, I am still humming “beedle dee dee dee dee, two ladies...beedle dee dee dee dee...” and “ I met this perfectly marvelous girl, In this perfectly wonderful place, As I lifted the glass to the start of a marvelous year.” Indeed, director Jim Kimbrough, his cast and crew deserve a toast for a perfectly marvelous production.

I’ll be frank, I adore Cabaret. It’s my favori...

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