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City council accepts 10th Street property
September 07, 2012 Jerry Purvis   

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Following a special session last Thursday afternoon, members of the Gering City Council accepted almost two acres of land along 10th St. immediately north of the railroad tracks.

The property is located behind the former Jirdon Agri-Chemical Co. and was later used as a fertilizer manufacturing and storage facility for WESTCO, which had earlier purchased the Jirdon holdings.

Officials with WESTCO said that because of tax considerations, they needed to do something with the property before the end of their fiscal year and decided to donate the land to the city.

“I think it will be a nice piece of property to have when it comes to our long-term goal of cleaning up North 10th Street,” said council member Julie Morrison. “The Gering Industrial Park is filling up, so this location would be good for an industrial or manufacturing business because of the rail spur.”
Morrison said she would like to see the property cleaned up, although that hasn’t been discussed yet. “I didn’t know about the donation until the meeting, but I think it’s very generous of WESTCO to do this.”

However, because the property will not be used for a governmental purpose, the city will have to pay property taxes on the land. Still, Morrison said it could be a great asset to Gering in the future.

“All that’s been done to this point is we have the land,” she said.

“Nothing’s been decided beyond that as to how the property will be developed or whether the buildings will be leveled.”
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