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Animal mutilation case under investigation
September 21, 2012 Jerry Purvis   

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Courtesy photo Ike, a three-year-old German shepherd who lived in a rural area southeast of Gering, plays with a young friend, Noah Henderson, during happier days. Ike was euthanized at the Pioneer Animal Clinic on Saturday after being given a 10 percent chance of survival from injuries alleged to have been perpetrated on him by a neighbor.

The investigation is ongoing after a German shepherd belonging to a rural Gering resident had to be put down in a case of mutilation.

“Ike was my son’s dog and has lived here all his life,” said Sharon Henderson, who lives southeast of Gering. “He wandered off early Saturday and when he returned later, his underside had been skinned from his ribs to his hind legs.”

Henderson said that initially, they thought the dog had been attacked by a big animal or tangled up in some barbed wire. But an examination by local veterinarian Dale Kurtz confirmed it had been human caused.

“The most likely scenario was that he was breeding with another dog and someone didn’t like that,” she said. “The vet said there was little hope of survival, even with surgery, so he needed to be put down.”

Henderson said no one witnessed what happened, but a blood trail led back to a neighbor’s property, although she doesn’t expect anyone to admit to anything.

Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman said the case is being handled as a crime, the investigation is ongoing and there are people that will be interviewed by investigators from his office.

A Facebook page has already popped up about the case and Overman said a lot of the information isn’t accurate. “It’s just like rumors,” he said. “Some of what they’re saying just isn’t true. Some of the evidence they’re referring to is not in fact what the evidence is.”
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