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Council hears complaint about vicious dog
October 25, 2012 Jerry Purvis   

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A complaint to the Gering City Council has again brought up the question whether the city can pass an ordinance against vicious animals or whether such action would even be legal.

On Monday, council members heard from Gering residents Gene and Georgetta Weimer, who live on Margaret Drive. Georgetta said she was washing their car when a neighbor’s pit bull chased her into the garage.

Police were called to help corral the neighbor’s dog and addressed a verbal confrontation between the Weimers and their neighbor, Eric Franke. After the police left, Georgetta said Franke returned to her home, came into the couple’s garage and assaulted Gene.

During the altercation, Georgetta claims Franke ordered his dog to attack the Weimer’s cocker spaniel. She and her husband had to drive the animal off with a broom, a shovel, and finally a hose.

Gering police reports state that Franke was cited for 3rd degree assault against Gene Weimer and having a dog at large.

Investigation is ongoing with both the Gering City Prosecutor and the Scotts Bluff County Attorney.

At Monday’s council meeting, Gene alleged he suffered a concussion from the assault and their dog had to be taken to the veterinarian for surgery.

After hearing the Weimer’s complaint, council members discussed whether further action could be taken by the city. Council member Larry Gibbs said that in the past, the city has opted not to ban specific breeds, but to focus on individual cases involving vicious dog complaints.

Council member Dan Smith asked the Public Safety Committee to consider whether a breed-specific ban could be implemented.

Gering City Administrator Lane Danielzuk told council members that before they discussed the complaint any further, the city should seek legal counsel. City Attorney Jim Ellison said he would research state law and the city’s current vicious animal ordinance to determine what action might be taken in the future.
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