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The Good Life: Leave the quilt shop and laundromat alone
October 25, 2012 Lisa Betz   

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A story on the KNEB website last week really bothered me. In the story, Gering City Administrator Lane Danielzuck was reported to confirm that the current location of two businesses, Prairie Pines Quilt Shop and the laundromat, located at 10th Street and M, is being considered for a new Gering library.

There are two things I believe one should always support with their vote and their good will: schools and libraries.

Schools develop future citizenry and as such, cannot be valued in dollars but only by the quality of the product, which is hoped to be an annual crop of well-educated, well-adjusted, upstanding and responsible citizens.

Libraries are community zones that provide safety, quiet, computer resources, and knowledgeable staff that promote a lifelong love of learning. Libraries serve as an equalizer in society. Even if one cannot afford books, Kindles, or computer/Internet access at home, a library can make the world accessible in a variety of ways to the poorest child or adult who wants to learn.

Libraries can be located anywhere, but itís best to put them in a location central to town, easily accessible from residential areas, and in a safe environment. Nobody wants to hear about a child being mowed down by a semi-truck while trying to cross the road to get to the library.

Now that Iíve laid out my perspective on schools and libraries, Iíll say that what I do not support is the idea of putting a non-profit entity on main street, or in this case, Geringís 10th Street.

Those of us in Gering who love this city, are tired of these ham-fisted ideas. Why anyone cannot see that it is a terrible idea to evict two viable businesses that generate tax revenue for the people of Gering, is a mystery.

What are they thinking? It is no small thing to relocate a business, even if there will be financial assistance to do so. When we moved the Citizen offices across the street, it was a major upheaval and a big hassle. Imagine what it will be for the quilt shop, their customers and the people trying get laundry done? At least at the Citizen, we donít rely on walk-in traffic to be successful, although we do love visitors.

The obstacles to overcome in any move are enough to make a tired business owner throw in the towel, and thatís exactly what Gering does not need.

Build the library on the Lane Auction House site and leave the quilt shop and laundromat alone. Stop putting non-revenue producing entities on main street. We donít have enough retail in Gering that we can afford to lose even one business, much less two.
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