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Gering Zion Church gets new pastor
December 21, 2012 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Tim Hebbert has been named the new pastor at Gering Zion Church. He takes over the work from his father, Paul, who served the congregation for the past 35 years.

The new pastor at Gering Zion Church is a familiar face, as he’s been involved in the congregation for decades.

The church membership called Tim Hebbert to serve the needs of the church going into the future.

“In the history of ordination, it was the people of the congregation who would choose someone to minister to their spiritual needs,” Tim said. “As an independent body, it was the desire of the membership at Gering Zion to call me to that work.”

Tim is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and will then work toward a master’s degree in spiritual counseling.

“I’ve been the associate pastor here for about four years,” he said. “For some time, I used to be involved in evangelism work through concert touring. But I was feeling a burden for our home church here. What I learned on the road is we’re not long on people in the ministry.”

Tim’s father, Paul Hebbert, has served as pastor at Gering Zion Church for the past 35 years. And as an independent church, they don’t have the national resources to help identify a new pastor.

“I’ve been in this church since I was 19 and I’ve fallen in love with the congregation,” Tim said. “As a preacher’s kid, I’ve done ministry work all my life. I’ve led the AWANA program, directed the choir, was Sunday School superintendent and was a deacon for one term. I’ve filled every role in the church that was available to me over the years.”

Holy Scripture says to be prepared in season and out of season, so Tim has been working toward this goal for years. “I’ve worked under the direction of my dad and under the spiritual counselor at the church. They were the ones who saw fit for me to take the title of pastor.”

Tim said one of the surprises during his training was how much counseling was involved. “There’s a real need out there. There’s a lot of hurting people who just need someone to talk to.”

He added one of his greatest joys is to help people get to a place where they feel spiritually grounded and begin to see God working in their lives.

“The hard part is spending time with those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one,” he said. “It’s a vital part of what a pastor does, but it’s very gratifying.”

With Christmas fast approaching, Tim said he would use the “C” word that’s frowned upon in parts of society. “We always have to be reminded that it’s Christ we celebrate at Christmas. During the Advent season as we prepare for His coming, we need to remember to prepare for His coming again. As important as His coming was, it would have no meaning if He didn’t promise to come back.”
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