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Minatare Board of Education reorganizes for year
January 17, 2013 Lisa Betz   

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MINATARE — The Minatare Board of Education reorganized for the new year on Monday night. The board was sworn in, reelecting Gary Koke as board president, Larry Randolph as vice president, and Sherri McAlister as board secretary/treasurer.

Koke notified the board that the end of the Persistently Low Achieving School (PLAS) grant money would expire at the end of the school term. He complimented staff and federal representatives who worked together to improve Minatare Elementary and he expressed regret that the money would no longer be available for the betterment of the school. “That was a true good use of tax dollars over the last three years, it was well-done,” said Koke.

The board heard from two students, Jorge Montelongo and foreign exchange student Frank Kohler, of Dresden, Germany, representatives of the Social Studies class taught by Kyle Metger. The students suggested to the board that students be required to participate in at least one activity throughout the year, to ensure that sports and other activities have enough participants for the school to be competitive. Other suggestions were repairs in the school parking lot, improvement of the track in the gym, keeping at least one door of the high school open at all times for students to access, more equal treatment of students, occasional late start days and prizes for students who improve grades. The board told the students that their suggestions would be considered.

In other business, Superintendent of Schools, Tim Cody provided an update on the NEMA application for creating a safe room/tornado shelter for approximately 500 in the community. The application has been submitted, along with requested documentation. The board’s commitment would be 25 percent of the total submitted amount, ($913,639) which would come to $227,904.

Cody stated that the NEMA grant could not include work on the gymnasium floor, nor locker room bathrooms. These incidentals could be implemented for an extra $36,200 in addition to the initial 25 percent the board would be responsible for.

Cody told the board the building fund has a balance of approximately $126,000 and the remainder of the balance would need to be raised by May.

In other business, the board heard a report from Elementary Principal Doug Moran. Moran told the board that the MAP testing in reading and math was now complete, and the K-6 Dibbels test was about to be added into the Response to Intervention Site. Results were not yet assessed.

Board members each received a certificate of appreciation from the Minatare Education Association for their commitment to the education of Minatare children. The board decided to hold a work session after adjourning the official meeting to plan for the coming year.
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