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Good Morning friend!
Gering schools select new superintendent
January 31, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo courtesy of KNEB - Bob Hastings

On July 1, Bob Hastings of Norfolk will become the new Superintendent of Gering Public Schools.
With 19 years of experience in education, Hastings has been both an administrator and principal in the Norfolk schools. He also served seven years as a principal and teacher in the Scottsbluff schools. While at Scottsbluff, he was also a football and basketball coach.

Currently, Hastings is the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Norfolk schools. He creates and manages budgets related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, technology and human resources.
“Bob has some great experience, especially in areas of some of the challenges Gering schools will be facing in the future,” said Gering School Board President Alan Doll. “We’re extremely pleased with who we’ve selected.”

Doll added that Hastings is also heavily involved in the technology side of education and has the credentials of an excellent communicator, which is so critical in the district.
The Norfolk School District is just over 4,000 students, about twice the size of Gering.
“Although he hasn’t been a superintendent, Bob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in superintendent-type duties because of the size of the district,” Doll said.
Hastings said he’s excited about the opportunity to return to the area and reconnecting with family and friends. His family’s first home was in Gering.

“The biggest challenge that every district faces is shrinking budgets,” he said. “We need to be sure we’re using our resources in the very best way possible to make sure our students are learning
the things we need them to at the level they need to learn.”
He said it’s vital to work with students on academic achievement, but also with their families to help them become great citizens once they graduate.

“My first large goal is to meet everyone and talk with as many people as possible, from staff to parents to community members,” Hastings said. “I’ll find out what’s great about Gering and what we need to build on to move ahead.”
He added the best form of communication is face to face. But he also likes communicating through social media.

“I’m a big Twitter guy,” he said. “It’s a place where the kids are really active and that makes it a great way to communicate with
them and with larger groups.”
Bob and his wife, Traci, are the parents of daughter Jenna and sons Jon and Jonah. He admits his head is still spinning from the good news, but he plans to visit a few times in the spring to get acclimated with the area prior to assuming his duties on July 1.
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