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Across the Fence: Fort Mitchell on the Great Platte River Road
February 21, 2013 M. Timothy Nolting   

The photo is of a sketch made by an artist by the name of Nichols who was presumably with Professor F.V. Hayden on a geological survey of Nebraska in 1867. The sketch also shows the road ranch and telegraph lines. Nebraska State Historical Society.

‘The Gap’ threaded through the wind-cut spires and time-worn edifices of nature’s carved cathedrals in the towering sandstone walls of Scott’s Bluffs. North of the bluffs, reaching to the banks of the Flatwater (Platte), lay a rugged expanse of land known as ‘The Badlands,’ an area of deep-cut ravines and gullies that no team of horses or oxen, pulling an overloaded immigrant wagon, could possibly traverse.

And so, about five mile...

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