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Good Morning friend!
Across the Fence: Fact, fiction or fragmented dreams?
March 07, 2013 M. Timothy Nolting   

The picture this week is a photo of a woodcut that I found on the Nebraska genealogy website. I found no mention of copyright or use restrictions and am therefore assuming public domain or free use. The woodcut was titled Wagon Train in a Circle.

On November 5th 1864, a detachment of soldiers under the command of Captain Eugene F. Ware of the 7th Iowa Cavalry discovered an abandoned circle of wagons near present day Chappell, Nebraska. Some distance off the Jules cutoff trail, north of Fort Sedgwick on Lodgepole Creek against the rocky bluffs near Trapper’s Rock was found sixteen emigrant wagons, carefully and expertly circled with the right front wheel of each wagon against the left hind...

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