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Freshen up your home
March 28, 2013 Lisa Betz   

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Itís springtime. The birds are chirping, thereís more light outside and you may be noticing that itís time to make changes at home. All of that wind weíve been having lately has caused a lot of dust. This could prompt you to consider investing in new, energy-efficient windows that would also cut down on that dust. But this is just one way you might freshen up your home environment. What are others?

Speaking of windows, why not consider changing your window treatments? Without going to a lot of expense or perhaps even by getting a little splashy and spending more, one can easily change the vibe of a room with fresh blinds or curtains. While youíre at it, perhaps paint the walls a new shade. One doesnít have to go to a ton of expense to give a room a new feel and a fresh energy.

The bedroom. We spend more time in the bedroom sleeping than in any other room in our house. Is your bed comfortable? If not, make it so. Invest in a new mattress. A proper mattress that supports your back will do wonders for your personal energy and outlook, not to mention reduce chronic aches and pains that are plain unnecessary.

If your back is sore, think about a new pillow. Chiropractors sell specialized pillows that properly support head and neck alignment.
As for mood in the bedroom, get a new comforter. Change up your throw pillows, reduce clutter on your dressers, weed out the old things in your drawers that arenít needed.

Organize those closets! Are you really going to wear that old leather jacket you had in your twenties? Does it even fit you? Yes, itís glorious, so let another young person enjoy it. Say goodbye and make your closet space ready to embrace your life now.
How about other rooms in the house? The kitchen. We spend much of our time gathering in the kitchen, it is the heartbeat of the house where we nourish ourselves and relationships with our family members.

Making one or two changes in the kitchen can work wonders. Are you tired of the old crusty-looking stove that doesnít keep accurate temperature? Replace it. Is your refrigerator barely keeping the milk cold? Replace it. Making food for ourselves and our family is one of the most important things we do each day, invest in that experience, make it a pleasant one.

Other ideas in the kitchen could be to add lighting underneath your upper cupboards that provide more light to see what you are doing. This lighting can also provide a nice mood if you have company and want to avoid the harsh overhead lighting. Of course, paint works wonders in the kitchen too.

Try a new shade or just freshen up what is already there. Grease deposits can collect in kitchen areas that appear grimy and feel sticky. Clean up the walls, put a fresh coat of paint on and itís good as new. One can also paint accent colors on cupboards and create a completely new air in the kitchen. Consider painting just one wall in the room an accent color. Color changes can do wonders for the mood of any room.

What about doing a new back splash? Using tile behind your faucet and along the whole wall under the cupboards alongside it can jazz up your kitchen with just one project. Color options are limitless. One can even choose colored grout, sanded or smooth. The possibilities with tile are endless. A note of caution though, if you donít know what you are doing with tile, itís best to have a professional do the installation. Badly installed tile is awful and you wonít be pleased with the result.

Moving into the living room, how about a new area rug? Area rugs can be inexpensive and therefore, easy to replace after a few years. If your rug is looking dull, drab or tired, replace it with something new and fresh. For the sofa, get some fresh accent pillows, add a new color to the mix. Why not pick up a new lamp and add some light in a darker corner? One simple idea that costs nothing is to move your furniture around. Try a different configuration for awhile. Nothing changes the energy of a room like moving things around.

Another great way to spice up a room is to find a decorative mirror. Mirrors provide the optical illusion that a room is larger than it really is. This is also an excellent way to add more light to a room. When hanging your new mirror, have someone hold it up in different places while you move about to see what is reflected to you from different perspectives. A carefully hung mirror has many benefits, one of which is to highlight a piece of art from across the room.

There is no reason not to make small changes in your environment that give you a feeling of freshness. If you are feeling humdrum about life, get to work on your home environment. One doesnít have to spend much money in order to make a big impact. If you do want to make a serious investment, there are many experts in the panhandle community that can help you to choose quality materials and plan your project.

Itís spring time! Do something to celebrate by investing in your home. You might be surprised how nice it feels to freshen up your environment.
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