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Council kills resolution for building permit
April 11, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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A request for a building permit for developer Terry Jessen died before the Gering City Council after no member would introduce the request.

Jessen was not present at Monday’s council meeting. However, his request for the building permit on Lyman Drive, east of Tax Express on North 10th St., claimed approval was being delayed by City Engineer Paul Snarr.

Gering Mayor Ed Mayo said the paperwork submitted Jessen was outdated and he didn’t specify what he planned to do with the building.

“One time, it was going to be a comm. shop, then storage, then a machine shop,” Mayo said. “Still, we have a requirement to protect our potable water well field, and this building is in that area.”
Mayo added that if the building were used as a machine or auto maintenance shop, hazardous chemicals might seep into the city’s water supply.

Council member Jill McFarland wondered why the council was even considering the issue. “We’re a policy making board,” she said. The day-to-day activities of the city are handled by staff. The only reason we should consider building permits is if they require an exception or if it’s an area that hasn’t been platted before. I see no reason for us to even discuss this.”

McFarland said from what she understood, the process hadn’t been completed as far as the appropriate paperwork. And the permit hasn’t been submitted to the Planning Commission for discussion.
Mayo asked if anyone would make to motion to consider Jessen’s request, but the issue died without a motion.

Another motion was approved by the council. They voted unanimously to approve the creation of a Public Resolution Team. Membership would include both city staff and members of the community. Team members, appointed by the mayor, would address code violations, such as health and sanitation concerns, property maintenance and nuisance complaints.
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