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Fresh Foods to host After Hours event
April 11, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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For the past several years, the Gering Merchants invites the public to enjoy a “Taste of Gering” during its Business After Hours event in conjunction with the Scottsbluff/Gering United Chamber of Commerce.

Fresh Foods, a locally owned supermarket that has had great success in the past year, will host the event on Thursday, April 18 from 5 – 7 p.m.

“The Gering Merchants have done this for the past four or five years,” said Karla Niedan-Streeks, executive director of the Gering Convention and Visitors Bureau. “The overall goal is to get the Chamber of Commerce members over to Gering and experience a downtown business. Most importantly, we want to feature the great food from out great restaurants.”

She added that 16 local restaurants and food providers will be featuring samples of their specialty items. “Not only are the visitors getting to try some great food, but the restaurants are showcasing their establishments.”

In past years, a wide variety of food has been available, from garlic sausage to Mexican food to bar food. “The diversity of food is incredible,” Niedan-Streeks said. “And this year, Fresh Foods is working with their wine distributor to offer a wine tasting during the event. And some additional adult beverages will be available. Great food and great drink is always an important part of Business After Hours. And the location is unique and fun this year.”

Food will be set up through the Fresh Foods store, and owners Ben and Kerri Dishman will also be conducting tours so people can get to see everything that goes into supermarket operations.

“The Gering Business After Hours is one of the best attended,” said Niedan-Streeks. “We usually have about 200 people attend. We hope everyone will join us at the event.”
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