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Good Evening friend!
Cawthra joins Citizen family
April 18, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Mitzi Cawthra

Henry resident Mitzi Cawthra, veteran local media sales person, has joined the Gering Citizen sales department.

Mitzi grew up on a farm south of Gering, attended Cedar Canyon School and graduated from Gering High School.
“I’ve stayed in the area except for three years when my husband and I lived in Colorado,” she said. “We moved back to the area to be closer to family.”

Mitzi has been in advertising her entire career, starting with print advertising before working on the radio end for Tracy Broadcasting and later at KNEB.

“What I like about advertising is that I get to see and talk with different people every day and every day is something different,” she said. “I’m a very task oriented person, so I make schedules and stick to them. That makes me good on follow-through.”

She added that a lot of her customers have become her friends as they find things they have in common.

“Anyone can sell advertising or service accounts,” Mitzi said. “I try to be an advocate or consultant for the customer’s company. That’s a whole different thing in doing the best you can for that company’s advertising dollars. I’d rather not make the sale than to have them advertise where it’s not a good fit. It’s about building the advertising around what they need.”

As for her new job with the Citizen, Mitzi said she’s looking forward to working with a small staff. “We all work off each other’s strengths. Because I know so many people here, I can really tell them what the Citizen is about and what we do and what we have to offer.”

An old business adage states that stopping your advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time. Mitzi said she agrees with that. “Business always goes where it’s invited, so business people need to keep telling customers what they’re offering. The businesses that came back strong after the 1980s economic downturn were the ones that kept advertising.”

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