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Students turn trash into art
April 25, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Sixth graders at Cedar Canyon Elementary who helped create a recycled materials mural include, from left: Back row: James Powell, Deillya Dohlberg, Megan Chrisman, Kaiden Reinmuth, Tyler Smith, Gracie Batt, Breana Shifflett, Bobbie Clafflin, and teacher Mrs. Allison Wagner. Front row: Justin Ballinger, Colton Martindale, Destany Hill, Isaiah Henderson, Grace Larson, Thomas Campbell, Lexi Tallmon, Stephanie Munoz and Kassadie Rahmig.

A different kind of mural adorns the wall just inside the entrance to Cedar Canyon Elementary – one created from collected trash.
“With Earth Day right around the corner, we decided we needed to do something with recycling or reusing trash,” said Allison Wagner, sixth grade teacher at Cedar Canyon. “I asked all the kids to bring trash from home. From there, they made a tree mural.”

All the kids thought it was “pretty cool” they made something artistic from collected trash. They said if people don’t recycle, trash will just go into the ground and into the water supply. They added that recycling paper is important so that fewer trees need to cut down to make more paper.

Some of the common household items that can be seen in the mural include plastic milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles and cardboard tubes from paper rolls. Someone even brought a plastic play sword.
As the area’s young people have demonstrated, we all need to be to be conscious of all the material we use and recycle and reuse everything we can – for a better environment.
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