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Gering graduates full senior class of 2013
May 23, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Ken Kurtz/Spectrum Photo - Santana Mitchell holds down her tassle as she exits the state with a giant smile.

Gering High School observed its 123rd annual commencement on Sunday as 116 seniors from the Class of 2013 accepted their diplomas.

Kendall Uhrich, who was editor of both the Blueprints newspaper and the yearbook, and is also a teen columnist for the Gering Citizen, was one of the speakers. Her title was “Congratulations, You’re Awful.”

“I wrote the speech about not being afraid to fail and learning from your failures,” she said. “So many graduation speeches are about how you can do anything, so I wanted to make a different kind of speech. I didn’t know what kind of reaction I’d get, but people were positive about it.”

Gering graduated all 116 members of its senior Class of 2013. The seven valedictorians included Alexa Anderson, Erika Bowman, Cassidy Cooper, Samuel Eastman, Shayla Geretto, Mackenzie Smith and Megan Upp. The salutatorians were Jerrick Bowers and Justin Wallace.

Overall, scholarship funds offered to the Gering High School Class of 2013 came to $2,323,402.

National Honor Society members were: Alexa Anderson, Jennifer Barge, Jerrick Bowers, Erika Bowman, Samuel Eastman, Jeremy Eskam, Shayla Garetto, Jackie Hayden, Rachel Huffman, Kaitlyn Krzyzanowski, Elizabeth Millay, Ashley Nielsen, Kendra Peters, Brooke Satur, Mackenzie Smith, Megan Upp, Justin Wallace and Caleb Wyre.

Quill and Scroll Honor Society members included: Alexa Anderson, Tanner Baird, Erika Bowman, Samuel Eastman, Kaitlyn Krzyzanowski, Tabor Laws, Elizabeth Millay, Josie Thompson, Kendall Uhrich and Caleb Wyre.

Top Ten seniors included: Alexa Anderson, Erika Bowman, Cassidy Cooper, Samuel Eastman, Shayla Garetto, Mackenzie Smith, Megan Upp, Jerrick Bowers, Justin Wallace and Jeremy Eskam.

Members of the senior class wore wrist ribbons in honor of Mikal Orozco, who was killed in a traffic accident in January.
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