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Planning Commission approves subdivision with no height restriction
May 30, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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At the May 21 meeting of the Gering Planning Commission, members unanimously approved the preliminary and final plats for the Fox Hill Subdivision, immediately west of Five Rocks Amphitheater on County Road P.

Although the subdivision is located in the county, it’s within two miles of Gering city limits, so it falls within their jurisdiction.

Kelly Beatty with M.C. Schaff and Associates told commission members the subdivision was originally platted in 2010, but recently re-platted to better suit the needs of landowner Bill Rexus.

The subdivision will be zoned rural residential and have 12 lots, each of them 30,000 square feet. “The lots we’ve platted will be served either by the water main that’s in County Road P,” Beatty told the commission. “There’s also an existing two-inch water main that extends to the Rexus property.”

He added that Rexus will use his water main to serve one of the properties in which he has an interest. If further development occurs, the city water main would have to be extended into the subdivision, as well as a street. The lots are large enough to handle private septic systems. Also, further development would require the development of a storm water retention plan.

The city council will consider the commission’s recommendation at its next meeting. But some concerns have also popped up. While there are covenants in place to restrict the type of allowable construction, there are none that address building height.

Some members of the public and council members wondered whether unrestricted building height would eliminate any view of the surrounding area from the adjacent Five Rocks Amphitheater.

One of the amphitheater’s strong selling points is the spectacular view of the monument’s five rocks: Dome Rock, Eagle Rock, Saddle Rock, Sentinel Rock and Crown Rock. Featured artists have been especially complimentary, saying it’s a beautiful place to perform.

Gering currently has building height restrictions through the city along Five Rocks Road. Those were implemented so development at the golf course to the west wouldn’t block the view of Scotts Bluff National Monument along the highway. However, the new Fox Hill subdivision is outside of that restricted area.

Those questions, along with the need for adequate water, will be addressed at the next meeting of the Gering City Council on Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m.
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