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Gering has new postmaster
June 13, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Kathy Goodell, a native of Wray, Colo., has been named the new postmaster for Gering.
She lived in Georgia for 22 years and began her 16-year career with the U.S. Postal Service while there.

I started out as a substitute carrier, she said. From there I became a window clerk and started working my way up. Eventually she became a fill-in manager and later, postmaster with a small office.

About a year ago, the Postal Service reorganized and about 3,000 postmasters across the nation took early retirement, leaving a number of open positions.

My parents are still living in Wray and I thought this would be a good time to move closer to home, she said. I ended up in Hyannis and was there for six months.

She said she enjoyed her time at Hyannis and loved the people, but that most services were some distance away. Then she learned about the opening in Gering.

The community is what I found appealing, Goodell said. Its a nice sized town and about the same size as where I was in Georgia. My first full week on the job was the last of May.

Although shes still getting settled in, Goodell said shes very much enjoying the community. Im used to Georgia, so I wonder how Ill deal with my first winter here. But Ill worry about that then.

She said the biggest change shes seen in the Postal Service was their restructuring last year when thousands of postmasters retired and many offices were consolidated or closed. She also pointed out the Postal Service doesnt receive taxpayer funds, but operates solely on postage sales.

We need to do what we can to downsize and become leaner and smarter company, Goodell said. Were probably headed in the right direction, as painful as it is.

She added the Gering office is in capable hands with several long-time employees who know how the local office operates.

It will be business as usual, she said. Its been a challenge when they moved all the routes to originate in Scottsbluff. Thats where we have to start when were trying to track a package. Its a change from when everything was in-house and customers could check with their local carrier about delivery.
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