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Fireworks show scheduled at Memorial Stadium
June 20, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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The Fourth of July fireworks celebration starts a day early this year as the annual Allred Brothers fireworks show fires up at Gering’s Memorial Stadium on Wednesday, July 3.

“This is the 18th year I’ve put on a fireworks show whether it was for my family or the public,” said coordinator Justin Allred. “Since 2008, we’ve been doing a show on the lawn at Gering High School. Last year was the first time we staged it at the football stadium. That’s when the show really took off.”

After the 2011 show, which drew about 300 people to the high school, Allred was approached by the Gering Music Booster Club. Their idea was to use the event as a fundraising opportunity and attract even more people to the show.

“The group had a barbecue in 2012 to support the Gering music department and they sold everything they brought,” Allred said. “Their fundraiser also generated more publicity for the fireworks show.”

The 2012 show filled the stands at Memorial Stadium and many people brought chairs to set up on the track.

“Doing a fireworks show has always been a hobby of mine,” Allred said. “I enjoy doing it for myself as much as I do it for a public show. My goal is to cover the cost of the fireworks myself.”

The Music Boosters will start the barbecue at 6:30 p.m. At 8:45 p.m. will be a presentation of the Flag and singing of the National Anthem. The fireworks show starts at 9 p.m.

“We try to start as close to 9 p.m. as we can,” he said. “In 2011, we had to wait out a rainstorm and it was really cold. We started about 9:45, but we were able to have the show.”

Allred said the particular day of the show changes, depending on how the calendar falls. However, he schedules it prior to the Fourth due to other fireworks shows and family gatherings.

People interested in supporting the show through donations can contact Allred at originaljustin@yahoo.com.
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