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Five Mile Run continues to draw large crowd
July 18, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Runners line up for the shotgun start of the annual Don Childs Five Mile Run race.

The Don Childs Memorial Five Mile Run continues to attract runners from around the region as 215 participants showed up in downtown Gering early last Friday morning.

“Five years ago, we only had about 70 runners participate,” said event organizer Randy Plummer. “It’s really grown since then as people are getting more health and fitness conscious.”
He added that after the run, participants often tell him they’re thankful for the event that gives them some practice at the start of Oregon Trail Days.

“I have a lot of people who help with this event,” Plummer said. “It takes a lot of volunteers to make the event happen and I’m thankful for that.”

Ivan Marsh was the overall winner in the men’s division with a time of 30 minutes and two seconds. In the women’s division, the overall winner was Sarah Bell with a time of 37 minutes and 38 seconds.

In the women’s division:
16 and under – 1st, Taylor Muncie, 40:28; 2nd, Shayleigh James, 41:39; 3rd, Vanessa Avalos, 42:58.
17-29 – 1st, Erin Shaul, 44:50; 2nd, Sharla Maginnis, 46:36; 3rd, Amanda Brenot, 49:23.
30-39 – 1st, Sarah Stahl, 37:48; 2nd, Mary Varrara, 41:49; 3rd, Erin Ewing, 42:37.
40-49 – 1st, Sarah Bell, 37:38; 2nd, Tammy Hoffman, 47:47; 3rd, Lisa Brown, 52:11.
50-59 – 1st, Susan Olson, 46:02; 2nd, Sharon Lease, 47:38; 3rd, Julie Badenhoop, 47:44.
60-over – 1st, Pamela Vargason, 68:44; 2nd, Kathleen Spencer, 78:05.

In the men’s division:
16 and under – 1st, Shane Burkey, 33:17; 2nd, Tate Harvey, 34:19; 3rd, Edward Grentz, 36:03.
17-29 – 1st, Devin Hayden, 31:14; 2nd, Anthony Parra, 32:36; 3rd, Tayler James, 35:35.
30-39 – 1st, Ivan Marsh, 30:02. 2nd, Tyler Marsh, 33:09; 3rd, Ryan Larsen, 36:13.
40-49 – 1st, Bruce Rahmig, 31:13; 2nd, Joe Valdez, Jr., 39:10; 3rd, Tom Rohrick, 39:30.
50-59 – 1st, Juan Carrizales, 37:10; 2nd, Roberto Gonzales, 39:19; 3rd, Jim Kappen, 42:24; 4th, Duncan Baker, 44:12.
60-over – 1st, Rick Hessler, 45:11; 2nd, Roger Curry, 47:39; 3rd, Jim Emery, 50:34.
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