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Sheriff embraces new communication venues
April 06, 2011 Jerry Purvis   

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Speaking to the Gering Business Club today, Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman said his department will be using new avenues – including social media – to communicate with citizens.
“We’ve always had our sheriff’s office link on the county website,” he said. “We’ve also set up a Facebook page because there are lots of people who use it every day.”
Overman added that using Facebook costs the taxpayers nothing, but offers an opportunity to post tips, pictures of individuals wanted by the sheriff, and other public safety information.
The sheriff’s office will also be taking advantage of the recently set up Scotts Bluff County YouTube channel, Overman said. Video clips of crimes will be posted there, with links from the department’s Facebook page.
“We have video of crimes but we never had a way to get that out to the public until now,” Overman said. “These videos provide information that might help us solve a crime.”
Another communication venue in the development stage is called “text a tip,” where people can use their cell phones to text suspicious activity to the sheriff’s office.
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