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Good Morning friend!
The Good Life: Cooler breezes bring anticipation of fall
August 15, 2013 Lisa Betz   

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Fall is my favorite time of year. Iím not sure if itís because I was born in October or why exactly. For me, the most joyous day of the season is when the light changes. I always anticipate the moment when I first notice the gentler light of the sun. The summer sun is harsh and direct, while fallís sun is sweet and lazy. An Indian summer day can see the return of that stronger light, but itís tempered by a snap to the air that brings bits of music from marching band practice floating to my ears with the promise of apple cider, afternoons of baking and cozy sweaters.

It seems that fall is making an early appearance this year, with the cooler days weíve been having. Each year, the end of the fair signals the anticipation of a new school year, which also means football is right around the corner. Along with these indications of the change in season, people anticipate football parties and a different kind of busyness.

Though fall in western Nebraska doesnít offer as much color as other places Iíve lived, I still relish the yellows, oranges and reds of the Valley during this time. And the harvest of bountiful corn and tomatoes from the garden is one of the things that makes life in the Valley the sweetest of all.

It may seem clichť, but truly, Nebraska sweet corn is the best. Itís so good, Iíve even smuggled it into my suitcase when Iíve traveled to other locations during this season. Once, I visited a boyfriend in Florida and I couldnít wait to share the last ears of corn from my grandpaís garden with him. When I got the corn out of my suitcase and presented it to him with pride, he was under impressed. I suppose I canít exactly say his response to the corn was the reason why we didnít continue the relationship, but for me the wind went out of the sails with his blank look staring at me after being introduced to my Nebraska sweet corn.

Itís funny how something connected to our roots can be such a treasure to us, and mean nothing to others. He didnít even seem interested in cooking it. I took this as one of several warning signs and moved on.

With school starting, the Citizen offices get very busy with many an activity to cover. We work hard to create sports previews of all the high school sports teams in the Valley. Itís a lot of work but also a lot of fun to see so many smiling, young faces engaged in healthy activities.

We look forward to telling your stories this fall, and hunkering down with some hot chocolate at the games.

And a word of advice to anyone who isnít a Husker reading this, never scoff at a Nebraska girlís sacred offering of sweet corn. You may not survive the experience.
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