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Gering goes back to school
August 22, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Doug Harris/Gering Citizen - Gering High School students from left, Kaylee Spreier, Justin Brester, Katie O'Boyle, Grant Olsson, Amber Fertig leave the school for lunch on the first day of the school year.

Enrollment is up slightly and a much larger senior class headed back to school Tuesday as Gering starts the 2013 – 2014 school year under new School Superintendent Bob Hastings.

The latest numbers show Cedar Canyon Elementary with one section in all classes. That includes 23 kindergartners, 14 first graders, 14 second graders, 13 third graders and 13 fourth graders.
Geil Elementary has two sections of most classes, including 45 kindergartners, 47 first graders, 51 second graders, 61 third graders in three sections, 36 fourth graders, 51 fifth graders and 49 sixth graders.

Lincoln Elementary also has two sections of most classes. There are 47 kindergartners, 50 first graders, 48 second graders, 50 third graders, 39 fourth graders, 62 fifth graders in three sections and 70 sixth graders in three sections.

Northfield Elementary also has two sections in most classes. Enrolled are 51 kindergartners, 48 first graders, 62 second graders in three sections, 53 third graders, 42 fourth graders, 54 fifth graders and 52 sixth graders.

At the Junior High, there will be 175 students attending seventh grade and 153 in eighth grade. Freshman Academy has 168 students. At the High School there are 161 sophomores, 160 juniors and 170 seniors, up from last year’s graduating class of 2013.
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