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Hurt resigns as landfill director
September 20, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Rick Hurt

Rick Hurt, Gering’s director of environmental services for the past three years, has submitted his resignation to the city.

“My last day will be Oct. 11, so we’ll be able to get through the end of the fiscal year,” he said. “The place where I’m going has been really understanding about my wanting to get everything squared away here before I left.”

Hurt has accepted a new position with South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency, an intergovernmental unit which serves a four-county area about an hour south and east of Des Moines. As the landfill director, his new job will be similar to what he’s been doing for Gering.

“After my visit and interview, they offered me a position,” he said. “I thanked them but said I was going to stay in Gering. The contacted me a week later with an offer I had a hard time saying no to. With any job, you need to keep improving yourself. I’ll have that opportunity in Iowa.”

Hurt said he hopes the landfill is in good shape for his successor. Construction has been completed on cell six and has been licensed by the state for the next five years. The expected remaining life on cell six is nine years, so it will require one more license renewal before the landfall, at its current location, permanently closes.

“That doesn’t mean the city can coast,” he said. “We’re looking at new potential sites for a landfill and it takes a while to go through the permit process, get it built and ready for operation. It isn’t something that happens overnight.”

Gering is currently running tests on a potential site just east of the city, one that Hurt said would be a great site. “Transportation is the biggest cost in trash collection. This site is just a few miles away.”

Hurt said he’s really going to miss Gering. “I have more friends here than I’ve had for ages. I also joined a great group of guys in the fire department. I like Gering a lot and the city has treated me well. But the kids are out of the house and in college now, so it’s time to start a new adventure.”
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