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Gering supermarket expected this fall
April 28, 2011 Jerry Purvis   

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Gering graduate Josh Berger, along with partner Zach Wiegert from the Woodbury Corporation, spoke to the Gering Business Club about some of its developments, including the supermarket project in Gering.

“We’re still working diligently on getting the grocery store up and running,” Berger said. “We’re making some really good progress.”

Berger explained that Woodbury is only the landlord in the project. The supermarket operator is the tenant. “Until the tenant gets funding for the operation of his company, there is no project. I think we’ve gotten over the hump on the financing, although nothing has been signed yet.”

The financing for the supermarket operator is coming from the Small Business Administration. A number of projects have been in limbo for some time as Congress works out a new budget, along with funding levels for the SBA.

“SBA requirements have changed and they’re a lot more restrictive as to what projects they’ll fund,” Berger said. “We’ve all been holding our breath waiting for the operator to get his funding so this project can move ahead. Once we get confirmation, things will start happening fast.”

Originally, the developer projected the supermarket would be able to open in the spring of 2011. Now, they’re expecting it to happen in early fall.

“I would say sometime in September if I were guesstimating,” Berger said. “We’ll be in good shape once the funding is approved.”

Berger also shared the Woodbury story, including updates on some of the other projects they’re involved with. Currently, they’re involved in the West Haymarket project in Lincoln, which will include a new 16,000 seat arena. The University of Nebraska basketball teams will be playing in that facility starting in 2013.

Another Woodbury project is the Innovation Campus at the University of Nebraska, located on the former state fairgrounds.
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