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The Good Life: Today we celebrate Global Oneness Day
October 24, 2013 Lisa Betz   

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Oneness. What does that word mean to you? For many, it conveys some high-falutin wacko idea that mostly hippie types believe. While I’m not a hippie type, I do believe in oneness and so do many other people around the world.

The concept of humanity’s oneness is not new. Erwin Schrodinger, the Nobel Prize winner for physics in 1933, said, “Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe” but there is little awareness in the mainstream. Eighty years have passed but this same message has been consistently delivered by thousands of others and received little attention. Global Oneness Day intends to remedy that.

In 2008, a grassroots global organization called Humanity’s Team created a oneness petition with the goal of obtaining 50,000 signatures from around the world. The petition acknowledges that humanity is one, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent, with God, life and one another.

Once this goal was achieved, the group approached the United Nations asking it to take up the discussion of humanity’s oneness and create a day of celebration to recognize it. U.S. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, who hosted the Humanity’s Team Global Council on behalf of the United Nations, thanked the group for coming and spoke about the mission, vision and purpose of the United Nations, including its focus on solidarity. He said, “Until there is a sense of solidarity among the peoples of the world all of our efforts for peace and security will go nowhere.”

Ambassador Chowdhury agreed that Global Oneness Day was important and encouraged Humanity’s Team to create it because it would take too long for the United Nations to come to consensus. Chowdhury also encouraged Humanity’s Team to return to the U.N. when there were more signatures for the petition.

The first celebration of Global Oneness Day was realized in 2010. A thousand people from around the world celebrated on October 24 with an inspiring global phone call to discuss the reality of humanity’s oneness.

In the ensuing years Global Oneness Day grew in scope and activities. In 2011 and 2012 registrations for the global call increased to 17,000 and then 25,000. Global Oneness Day events included classroom activities, outreach with homeless, youth programs and signings of the Oneness Declaration in the United States, Argentina, Canada, England, France, Portugal, Columbia, South Africa, and many other countries.

This year, a Walk for Oneness will be held in New Mexico and 32 global rhythm circles are planned in addition to charitable projects and school programs for children across the globe. Thus far, there are 32 states in America and 33 countries hosting events to celebrate Global Oneness Day.

Living in oneness may seem like a far off dream today but more people around the globe are embracing it every day. World leaders are speaking about solidarity and oneness. During a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this summer, Pope Francis stated, “…The culture of selfishness and individualism that often prevails in our society is not what builds up and leads to a more habitable world: it is the culture of solidarity that does so, seeing others not as rivals or statistics, but brothers and sisters.”

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, has this to say about oneness, “We’re all human beings, all humanity, members of the same human family. Nationality, religious faith, color, rich or poor, handicapped, all have basic rights and we are one of them. So therefore, in order to achieve a happy life myself, I have to take serious consideration for others’ welfare. If the rest of the people, the rest of humanity are happy, peaceful, then all individuals really get a benefit. So that taking care of others is not just holy or ethical, but it is something relevant for one’s own welfare, one’s own happiness.”

Worldwide coordinating director of Humanity’s Team, Steve Farrell, said, “Global Oneness Day asks the people of Earth to acknowledge what many already know to be our ultimate reality, that nothing is separate, that we are interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, part of a larger whole.

“When we see our oneness, we come into compassionate service to each other, said Farrell. “It then becomes impossible to ignore the plight of others. Global Oneness Day encourages the people of Earth to see themselves as part of a larger whole, as a cell serving the larger body it is part of.”

I urge you to take moment on this Global Oneness Day and contemplate what oneness means to you. Discuss the idea with others. While it might be a challenge to envision right now, we can create a world where “us and them” no longer exists, a world where we are all winners, not divided, competing and fighting. It begins with an individual choice made inside the heart that no one is superior, that we are all equal, indivisible...sound familiar?
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