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Mayor has not changed mind on comm. center proposal
October 28, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Gering Mayor Ed Mayo

Over the weekend a report in the local media said Gering Mayor Ed Mayo is now more amenable to a proposal from Scotts Bluff County to fund the emergency communications center.

Mayo said that report “isn’t 100 percent accurate.”

Mayo had been critical of the proposal in the past, claiming the county’s smaller municipalities were being pressured into signing the agreement or face the potential of losing 911 service.

The county’s proposal has been in the news for months and the Gering City Council will again consider it at their Oct. 28 regular meeting. Mayo said the council would like to see some changes in the proposal, including representation on the advisory board. Under the current proposal, voting is based on population, which would give most of the power to the county’s two most populous municipalities.

But the main point of contention is the formula to fund technology upgrades to the comm. center. Gering and some of the smaller communities contend the formula amounts to double taxation for residents within municipalities, who would be taxed at both the county and local levels.

Mayo said the proposal needs more discussion before the council is ready to take a vote on it. The agenda said the council might go into closed session for that discussion. On Monday morning, Mayo said he didn’t know how council members would handle that agenda item.

Mayo emphasized he’s still opposed to the county’s proposal as it exists now.
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