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Terrytown ready to sign 911 agreement
November 14, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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The Terrytown City Council won’t officially vote until its December meeting, but members have indicated they’ll support the revised interlocal agreement to fund technology upgrades to the county’s emergency communications center.

City Attorney Kent Hadenfeldt updated the council on changes to the agreement approved by the county commissioners. In the original agreement, voting on the advisory board that oversees comm. center operations was based on population – with one vote per 1,000 residents. Smaller communities objected, saying that would sway board control to the county’s largest population centers, effectively leaving them without a voice.

“Keep in mind this is an advisory board,” Hadenfeldt told council members. “The county commissions take their advice, but they make any final decisions.”

At their last meeting, county commissioners agreed to change the voting structure to one vote per community. They also agreed to a request from Gering City Administrator Lane Danielzuk to extend the deadline for signing to Dec. 17.

While approval of the comm. center agreement was on the agenda, Terrytown Mayor Kent Greenwalt recommended the council hold off on signing until its Dec. 5 meeting.

“Lane Daniezuk is going to a lot of effort to talk with every village and town in the county,” Greenwalt said. “He wants to make sure we’re all on the same path.”

He added the funding formula should come together, with Terrytown paying about same as it did last year. In the agreement, Terrytown would repay $8,212 of the $496,000 the county spent on technology upgrades.

The City of Scottsbluff has already approved the agreement, along with the towns of Henry and McGrew. Terrytown council member Jerry Green said they about have to go along with the agreement because they receive police protection from Scottsbluff.
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