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Landfill re-grading project underway
November 21, 2013 Jerry Purvis   

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Recent maintenance work at the Gering landfill is raising a stink with some residents surrounding the area, but city officials have said the work is necessary to remain in compliance with its permit issued by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

The short-term re-grading project began on Nov. 11 and should be completed by 22, weather permitting. It doesn’t lower the overall height of the landfill, but is an adjustment to level out the grade on the landfill’s Cell 5.

Earlier this year, the Gering City Council cited prohibitive cost when voting not to lower the height of Cell 5. The cell’s height has been a point of contention with some homeowners who said it blocks their view of the monument.

A letter to the editor submitted to the media last week asked why the work was being done if the city earlier claimed it was cost prohibitive.

Darrell Vance, interim landfill director, said the work was part of the original contract for construction of Cell 6, which required the re-grading of Cell 5 once Cell 6 was completed and ready to receive trash.

“We needed to be sure everything was sloped right,” he said. “We should have everything completed by the end of the week.”

The work involved uncovering and moving existing garbage bales and soil along the east side of Cell 5. Once the grade is leveled out, the area will be topped with intermediate cover and then seeded with grass in the spring.

Vance said they wanted to wait for cooler temperatures to do the re-grading work to minimize any odors from exposing previously placed trash.

Questions regarding the project should be directed to the Gering City Administration office at (308) 436-5096.
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