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Barking Bulldogs continue winning streak
January 16, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Kay Grote/Gering Citizen - The 2013-2014 Gering High School speech team includes (not in order) Olivia Anderson, Kendall Bayne, Alex Clark, Arich Knaub, Austin Robinson, Jazmine Rodriquez, Holly Walker, Isabel Wolf, John Boyd, Megan Brady, Rebecca Brenner, Torri Brumbaugh, Jordan Burgener, Andrew Cook, Nicolette Cook, Brooke Doggett, Keenean Fogle, Tyler Fulk, Haley Grams, Brady Gross, Tiffany Hopkins, Gavin Hovseth, Hannah Kautz, Jenna Longmore, Chelcey Mannel, Brandy Mendoza, Leah Potts, Kali Rimington, Ciara Sabala, Sydni Schledewitz, Jake Thomas, Kyle Upp, Allison Baird, Brock Belgum, Cassie Bringelson, Alyson Bueide, McKenna Copsey, Megan Copsey, Davis Eskam, Johathon Hastings, Devan Hawkins, Keagan Heilbrun, Emma Leypoldt, Mason Marsh, Tori Mueller, Tegan Murdock, Collin Potts, Allie Schaneman, Kira Wysocki, Marissa Anaya, Danika Atchison, Rebecca Boyd, Jim Eastman, Jacob Hansen, Sydney Havengar, Lexy Johnson, Angelina Jurado, Tegan Rahmig, Kaycee Schmidt, Tanner Walker and Allie Wilson.

BRIDGEPORT — The Gering High School Speech Team was on the road again this weekend in Bridgeport. There were 290 competitors from 13 schools that filled the classrooms and hallways of Bridgeport High School for a day of competition. Gering once again brought home the gold winning the Class A/B Championship followed by Scottsbluff.

Coach Tyler Thompson said he’s seeing a lot of poise and polish among team members. “They’re certainly progressing and getting more confident in their performances,” he said.

Thompson said that in every tournament, he finds new things to work on. “I’m thankful even for the opportunity to compete each week because if you don’t get a ballot, you don’t improve. Even if it’s a good ballot, there are always things to try differently.”

He added the team is doing a lot of things right, but there are other areas where they need work toward improvement.

“Some of our varsity team members won their events for the first time and that was exciting to see their hard work and dedication pay off,” he said.

The Barking Bulldogs will next compete on Saturday at the Gordon-Rushville Invitational Meet.
Here are the results from the Bridgeport High School Invitational:

Class A/B Sweepstakes

1, Gering; 2, Scottsbluff

Class C/D Sweepstakes

1, Gordon-Rushville; 2, Bridgeport

Individual results:


1, Jenna Longare, Gering; 2, Rachel Johnson, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Kali Rimington, Gering; 4, Isabel Wolf, Gering; 5, Nicolette Cook, Gering; 6, Megan Copsey, Gering


1, Kyle Upp, Gering; 2, Shoilee Rahman, Chadron; 3, Collin Potts, Gering; 4, Kali Rimington, Gering; 5, Rachel Johnson, Gordon-Rushville; 6, Ciara Sabala, Gering


1, Torri Brumbaugh, Gering; 2, Gavin Hovseth, Gering; 3, Michael Barth, Gordon-Rushville; 4, Maddie McQuillan, Ogallala; 5, Collin Potts, Gering; 6, Paige Corr, Scottsbluff


1, Andrew Cook, Gering; 2, John Boyd, Gering; 3, Logan Lembke, Chadron; 4, Arich Knaub, Gering; 5, Kyle Upp, Gering; 6, Evans Hansmeier, Ogallala

Humorous Prose

1, Eil Hutt, Scottsbluff; 2, Chelcey Mannel, Gering; 3, Leah Potts, Gering; 4, Keagan Heilbrun, Gering; 5, Walter Mays, Chadron; 6, Keenan Fogle, Gering; 7, Tanner Walker, Gering

Serious Prose

1, Devan Hawkins, Gering; 2, Nikki-Catrina Anderson, Scottsbluff; 3, Allie Baird, Gering; 4, Leah Potts, Gering; 5, Katelyn Thompson, Scottsbluff; 6, Nikki Mobley, Scottsbluff; 7, Holly Walker, Gering


1, Allie Baird, Gering; 2, Jenna Banzhaf, Chadron; 3, Tegan Murdock, Gering; 4, Kara Wiggins, Bridgeport; 5, Sydni Schledewitz, Gering; 6, Andrew Cook, Gering; 7, Sam Willis, Gering

Duet Acting

1, Gray Garden, Gering; 2, My Life, Gering; 3, Around the World, Gering; 4, Life is cliché, Gering; 5, Librarians, Gering; 6, The Golden Door, Scottsbluff

Oral Interpretation of Drama

1, Great Books, Gering; 2, Ella’s Audacity, Gering; 3, Dearly Departed, Gering; 4, Tree Huggers, Bridgeport; 5, Gravity, Scottsbluff; 6, The Perils of Lulu, Ogallala

Editor’s note: Elizabeth Gross contributed to this story.
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