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Cozad offers antique truck for auction
January 23, 2014 Jerry Purvis   
The antique 1930 Ford AA Tanker Truck that used to be parked in Tom Cozad’s Ford garage went to auction last week in Arizona.

Cozad loaded the classic and drove to Scottsdale, Ariz., the home of Barrett-Jackson Auctions. Their promotional materials say they’re the largest collectible car auction in the world.

“I just didn’t have a good place to display the truck and needed the space,” he said. “My fun was in building it about three years ago.”

Cozad added he’s sold a few of his cars before, but this is the largest one. He currently has 10 cars in his collection at the Cozad garage. Another is at the Legacy of the Plains Museum.

“I’ll be using the proceeds to rebuild another car,” he said.

The last car Cozad sold was his “Coke truck” that had appeared in a magazine photo spread. That one sold on eBay just after a fire did extensive damage to the Cozad garage in May 2013, but left the truck unscathed.

“The construction is done now and friends and family helped clean,” he said. “There’s a long way to go, as stuff still needs to be moved back in. But we’re making headway.”

Courtesy Photo - Antique and classic car collector Tom Cozad recently sold this 1930 Ford AA Tanker Truck from his collection. The photos are before (above) and after (below) the work Cozad put into the truck.

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