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Good Morning friend!
Across The Fence: Portugee Phillips and a horse named Dandy
January 30, 2014 M. Timothy Nolting   

Courtesy photo - A memorial plaque, placed in 1951 at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, honors the services of the thoroughbred horse, “Dandy,” who delivered the messenger safely after a two-day, 236-mile trek through the Wyoming wilderness.

December 21, 1866: eighty troopers and Capt. William J. Fetterman lay dead on the battlefield a few miles from Ft. Phil Kearny, Wyoming. Capt. Fetterman’s disregard for the orders of his commanding officer, Col. Henry B. Carrington, to rescue the wood gathering party that was under attack and not engage or pursue the enemy, resulted in the detachment riding into an ambush of over a thousand Sioux under the leadership of Red Cloud.


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