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Gas program nets $4K for School Foundation
February 13, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - From left, Mark Schlothauer with the Gering School Foundation accepts a check for $4,000 from Gene Douville and Jeremy Smith of Pony Express Station to help with numerous school projects. The convenience store in south Gering contributed one cent for every gallon of gas sold in 2013.

Local residents who fuel up their vehicles at the Pony Express Station are also helping programs offered by the Gering schools, thanks to the store’s fundraising efforts.

Last week Jeremy Smith, one of the owners of Pony Express Station at D Street and Kimball Avenue in south Gering, presented the Gering School Foundation with a $4,000 check to go into the foundation’s general fund.

Smith said he and his partners purchased the convenience store in July 2012. Through mutual friends, he came in contact with Mark Schlothauer with the Gering School Foundation.

The foundation is a general fund that helps with expenses for the numerous activities that aren’t covered in the school system’s budget.

“The foundation helps out everywhere in general, so I thought it would be a good group to support,” Smith said.

So for the rest of 2012, the convenience store donated a penny a gallon of fuel sold. For the five months of that year, the owners donated about $2,000. They decided to continue the drive in 2013, selling about 400,000 gallons of gas and contributing $4,000 to the Gering School Foundation.

“I’m a coach and donate a lot of my time in the Ogallala schools where I live,” he said. “We’re not in Gering as much, so I thought this would be a good way to give back to the schools. For people with kids in the Gering schools, it’s a great way to support them as well.”
With success behind them, the owners decided to extend the fundraising drive through 2014. “It drives our sales, but it also helps support the Gering schools,” Smith said.
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