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Gering man publishes book on fish production
February 13, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Milton Kaufman of Gering recently completed his book “Fish Unlimited,” which explains the commercial fish production industry.

Milton Kaufman of Gering, who started a career as a fish broker in 1992, has gathered his 20-plus years of accumulated knowledge into a book, with another in the works.

The product of his research into fish and fish hatcheries is “Fish Unlimited,” provides information on the profitability of operating fish hatcheries, from layout, feeding, pest control and a lot more.

In his years as a fish broker, Kaufman served as a sales intermediary between fish hatcheries and the businesses that needed their product. In his book, he’s quick to credit the people he refers to as “old horses,” those who have spent their careers in some part of the fish industry and were kind enough to share what they had learned along the way.

“I wrote the book because there was nothing out there, per se, on how to start hatcheries, how to get brood stock or how to lay out a fish operation,” he said. “I was writing as I learned, and once it was finished, I knew I needed to get it out to a wider audience.”

Some of the ideas he shared in the book include how to economically line a fish pond and how to acclimate fish for shipping by putting them on ice to slow their metabolism.

“I haven’t included everything in this book, but plan to write a second one in the fall,” Kaufman said. “That one will cover diseases in different fish species. People in the industry should know about that because Nebraska probably has the cleanest quality fish in the country.”

In the book’s introduction, Kaufman wrote that aquaculture was a great opportunity for Nebraska and surrounding states to become diversified, giving ranchers, farmers and investors an economic boost. He said “Fish Unlimited” is a great starting point to learn about the profitable and in-demand business of raising and selling fish.

“With the help of hatcheries, rearing units and growers, this is about to become the most explosive industry in the Plains and Midwest that we have ever seen,” he said.
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