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Endless options available for floor coverings
March 20, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Jerry Clemens of Clemens Carpet Mill Direct said there’s a wide variety of styles and materials for any floor covering people might have in mind.

With spring approaching, you might want to change the look of the flooring in the kitchen, bath or living room – and now is a good time to do it.

Jerry Clemens of Clemens Carpet Mill Direct said there’s a wide variety of choice for floors in any room, including carpeting, laminate, tile, vinyl, wood and much more.

“People are making a lot of different choices for kitchen flooring,” Clemens said. “Cork is becoming more popular because it’s very forgiving on the joints and easy to walk on. It works quite well in the kitchen.”

He added that cork is a renewable resource. Cork trees are stripped of bark every seven years, which then grows back.

Another popular option for kitchen floors is ceramic tile, but luxury vinyl tile is also gaining in popularity. It’s a thick vinyl tile that can be grouted like ceramic.

A traditional choice for kitchen floors is laminate. “Laminate will always be popular,” Clemens said. “Today’s laminates are very realistic looking. You almost have to lean down and touch it to see if it’s laminate or real wood.”

And in both laminate and wood flooring, more people are going for the hand-scraped rustic barn look.

Laminate and wood flooring is more often being used in living rooms. “That used to be unusual, but now it’s very common,” Clemens said. “But we still sell a lot of carpet for living rooms.”

One innovation in carpeting comes from Dupont, which developed a polymer yarn made from about 47 percent corn.

Clemens said carpet yarns have also gotten softer over the years, as people spend more time on the living room floor.

For bathroom remodeling, ceramic tile is a popular option because that’s where it performs the best.

“In Europe and Mexico, people tile everything in the bathroom. We’re starting to see a little of that as people tile the walls and showers. It’s very permanent and durable and easy to take care of.”
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