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Gering Family Dollar on track
April 17, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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According to Family Dollar Stores corporate headquarters, the Gering Family Dollar store is still going to be competed and opened for business.

On April 10, several news outlets picked up the story that Family Dollar Stores would be closing about 370 of its underperforming stores in response to falling sales. Bad weather also contributed to disruptions in business.

The company also announced it would slow new store openings for the 2015 fiscal year. About 350 – 400 stores had been planned for that fiscal year.

Gering City Engineer Paul Snarr has been the contact person between the city and the company for the project.

“They told me the Gering store is going to be finished,” Snarr said. “They told me their corporate offices have made some management modifications and are under a restructure. They will be closing some older stores, but this one is under contract to be built.”

Snarr said he also spoke with the contracting company that builds Family Dollar stores. “They both told me the project is slated for completion in July or August,” he said. “The contractors came here a couple of weeks ago, but the weather wasn’t at its best. They plan to come back when it gets a bit warmer.”

The Gering Family Dollar Store is scheduled to be open in August 2014.
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