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Attorney General candiate makes stop in Gering
May 09, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Omaha attorney Brian Buescher, Republican candidate for Nebraska Attorney General, stopped by the Citizen offices Thursday to discuss his campaign for the state’s highest law enforcement position.

Buescher, from Deweese, Neb. (pop. 67) is a graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Georgetown Law School. He’s currently an agri-business litigation attorney in Omaha.

“I represent farmers, ranchers and ag businesses of all sizes in a variety of matters,” he said. “I’ve come to know a lot about fighting federal regulations, and a couple of them greatly concern me.”

The regulations he outlined come from the Environmental Protection Agency. “One of them would regulate dust from farms and feedlots and another would regulate rainwater runoff,” he said. “If those two regs are enacted, the result would be a dramatically negative experience for farmers and producers.”

Under dust regulations, the EPA could prohibit farmers from doing their jobs when the wind is blowing. Those regulations have already been enacted in California. And for water runoff, the EPA could limit the amount of fertilizer that farmers use and completely prohibit the use of other chemicals.

“Right now the Republican attorney generals have been suing the federal government to push back on overreach on regulations like Obamacare,” Buescher said. “My specialty is in the ag business. If we have no one who can push back on agriculture regulations, farmers could lose a dramatic amount of yield and it could hurt our entire economy.”

Buescher said another issue that’s important to him is Nebraska’s “good time” law that allows for automatic reduction of sentence for inmates who stay out of trouble while in prison.

“I don’t think violent repeat offenders should be eligible for good time reductions,” he said. “We’re letting out the most dangerous inmates early because of it. That needs to change.”

Buescher will appear on the Republican ticket for Nebraska Attorney General in the Tuesday, May 13 primary.
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