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New museum website ready for tourism season
May 22, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Courtesy Image - The new, easy to navigate website for Legacy of the Plains Museum is now live at www.legacyoftheplains.org

A new, easy to navigate website for Legacy of the Plains Museum west of Gering is now live to help travelers find what’s available to see in the area.

LPM executive director Katie Bradshaw said the website is “responsive,” which means it automatically resizes itself to fit whatever size screen the user is viewing, from a full-sized monitor, to a tablet or a smart phone.

Funding for the new website and a new logo design for the merger of the Farm And Ranch Museum and the North Platte Valley Museum was made possible by a grant from the Nebraska State Tourism Commission.

“Our website designer is Exhibit Design Associates, the same company that’s doing our exhibit design in the museum,” Bradshaw said. “That worked well because they already knew our personality and our story, so the website came together rather quickly.”

LPM’s marketing committee was involved in the process and provided a lot of good advice for elements the website needed to include. Some of those elements included a calendar of events so visitors will know what they can do during their stay in the community. Descriptive pages, including historic and contemporary photos, are included for all the museum’s regular events. A contact form was also needed for people to ask questions and request information.

Also included on the website is a custom map, created with the help of the Gering Convention and Visitors Bureau. It shows visitors where the area is in a regional context, in relation to North Platte, Casper and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The site also includes a blog of what’s going on at the museum. Bradshaw, who has experience with blogs, said she posted pictures when the first longhorn calf of the season was born. They’re asking for suggestions from the public for a name.

“I also like the fact that we can edit the site easily when things change,” she said. “Nothing is more deadly for a website than if it remains stagnant.”

LPM had an open house on Tuesday for the public to learn about progress on the museum’s main campus. The main gallery will remain closed this season as construction continues, but outdoor exhibits will be open to the public. Museum staff is also planning a variety of outside activities for the summer, including wagon rides (once the ground dries), a pedal tractor course for the kids, irrigation tube-setting demonstrations and other activities.

The Legacy of the Plains Museum website may be viewed at www.legacyoftheplains.org.
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