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Terrytown approves comm. center budget
June 19, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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During their June meeting, members of the Terrytown City Council were updated on their level of support for the county emergency communications center.

Council member Chris Perales is Terrytown’s representative on the comm. center’s advisory board. The advisory committee is asking all its member agencies to agree to the level of support the county is asking so they can determine next year’s budget.

“The county is asking us for $7,200 a year for the next three years,” Perales told council members. “That not only pays expenses, but also helps with the sinking fund for equipment upgrades.”

The sinking fund is to collect sufficient money to pay for upgrades to the comm. center’s Computer Assisted Dispatching system, which is rapidly becoming outdated.

For the three year period, all the county’s municipalities will pay in just over $225,000. The portion dedicated to the operating budget will also help with upgrades for a new base station that will help with coverage of parts of Banner and Sioux Counties. To go with the new station is an uninterrupted power source, so it can operate when the power goes out. Software support for other services is also included in the operating budget.

Council members approved the $7,200 expenditure, which has already been included it the city’s budget. Of that total, $1,900 will go toward operating expenses and the remainder into the sinking fund.

In other action, council members approved a one-year donation of $2,500 to the Riverside Discovery Center. The funds for public improvements came from the city’s keno fund.

Council also considered whether it would be advantageous for the city to ask Terry Carpenter, Inc. to transfer ownership of Terry’s Lake and the surrounding area from the corporation to the city. Insurance and maintenance costs are already being covered by the city.

Council members also agreed to send letters out to residents reminding them a building permit is required before they can erect a garage, carport or deck within city limits.
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