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Old buildings see new life
September 09, 2010 Jerry Purvis    Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen

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The former Lockwood Building was recently torn down but much of the material is being recycled.

Even as the former Lockwood building on N Street in Gering was being torn down, most of its parts were designated to become part of new buildings.

The building, across N Street from the Gering Civic Center, was originally built for the Lockwood Corporation. It was later purchased by Scotts Bluff County and used to house local offices for Nebraska Health and Human Services. After HHS moved to new quarters, the building was used by the county for storage.

After the county sold the building to Twin Cities Development (TCD), the group was able to take advantage of federal funding to demolish blighted properties. That grant funding has spurred demolition of several properties in Gering, including the old HHS building and the upcoming McKee property on the corner of 10th and M Streets.

Paul Reed Construction was in charge of the demolition project. Randy Kleager, their manager of the Rock Pile, said the entire steel infrastructure was recycled, as well as the concrete.

“The only thing we couldn’t recycle was the wood, stucco and plaster,” Kleager said. “Tonnage wise, we probably recycled two-thirds of the building.”

He added that while many companies won’t usually recycle their demolition materials, his company does it as a matter of policy.
“It makes good sense on a contractor’s part,” Kleager said. “The fees to take all the material to the landfill would be cost prohibitive.”
He added that Reed Construction is also working toward establishing a facility to recycle both residential and commercial shingles.
Federal certification for the handling of asbestos would be necessary before the operation can open.

“Recycling just makes sense,” Kleager said. “It saves money and keeps the landfill from filling up too soon.”
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