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Meister proposes three Senate debates
June 26, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Scottsbluff attorney Mike Meister, who is running for State Senator in District 48, has proposed a series of three debates with challenger Gering banker John Stinner.

Stinner is out of the area and has not announced whether or not he’d accept the proposal; however, Meister suggested three different formats for the debates. The first would be a forum similar to the one staged before the primary and would be scheduled during the Scotts Bluff County Fair in August.

During that debate, a question is posed by a media panel with a three-minute answer. A two-minute rebuttal would follow, then a one-minute response.

Meister called the second debate a “kitchen table” debate scheduled for sometime in September. At that debate, the candidates would sit at a table and discuss issues with a single moderator.

The third debate, which would be in October, would be a town hall affair where members of the audience can ask questions of the candidates.

“I personally believe that an informed and educated electorate is the most important aspect of the democratic process,” Meister said in a letter to Stinner’s campaign headquarters. “Hearing directly from candidates is the best way for the public to make their decision as to which candidate is best suited to represent them, their family and their community.”
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