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Terrytown prepares for water meters
July 10, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Terrytown is ready to submit a preliminary engineering report to the state regarding the city’s ongoing project to replace one of its water wells.

One of Terrytown’s two potable water wells as shut down about 18 months ago after the water tested higher in arsenic than allowed by federal guidelines. Both arsenic and uranium are naturally occurring in local water and are not considered a health hazard.

About the time of the well closure, Terrytown was in process of bidding a project to connect all residents to a water metering system. But with the closure, the state wanted the city to evaluate its entire water system.

“The engineering report is an analysis of the water system, including the wells and the lines,” said Jeff Wolfe, city engineer for Terrytown. “The state will then request changes before we can proceed.”

The project to install meters will probably start in early 2015.

Wolfe said the most likely recommendation from the report will be for Terrytown to connect with a neighboring city’s water system to supply its water needs.

“Once the report has been finalized, we’ll be able to secure additional funding for the entire system,” he said. “That would include the meters and water system upgrades.”

Wolfe said part of the report includes what the city plans for water mitigation. Mitigation, required by the state’s Natural Resources Districts, outlines the measures the city will take to replace any water it removes from the area groundwater system.
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