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Name of future grocer still unknown
July 14, 2011 Jerry Purvis   

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A supermarket is still scheduled to open in the former Sun Mart building in Gering, but the name of the grocer is still to be announced.

A short discussion on the project came up at Monday’s city council meeting when member Don Christensen asked about its progress. An agenda item was scheduled to discuss whether to separate a portion of the land for further economic development, but Christensen said the public had a right to know what progress had been made on the supermarket.

Gering City Administrator Lane Danielzuk said the November opening date has not changed. The closing date for the grocer’s Small Business Administration loan has been pushed back to July 20.

“We’ve been sending documents for the grocer to sign and for review by his attorney,” Danielzuk said. “I know I’ve said this several times, but the store is coming. Like anything in government, it takes time.”

Christensen asked when the name of the grocer could be released. Danielzuk said it would be after the closing. However, it could be later. The grocer is working for another supermarket in another community and the announcement would impact his current employment.

“What we’ve learned is that nothing has changed,” council member Jill McFarland said the next day. “We’ll have a supermarket open in November. That’s all we need to know for now.” Danielzuk agreed, saying the community needs to be sensitive to the grocer’s current employment situation.
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