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Gering, Scottsbluff open tennis season at McCook
September 04, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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The boys’ tennis teams for both Gering and Scottsbluff were on the road Saturday for the McCook Invitational in the first competition of season.

Along with Alliance, the teams were to open last Thursday in a triangular hosted by Gering, that was rescheduled due to rain.
Gering Coach Justin Reinmuth admitted the team is still working out the bugs as the squad finished in fifth place at McCook with 12 points.

No. 1 singles player Alex Lupher and No. 2 singles Jason Doll both went 2-2 on the day. Doll almost posted three wins, but fell to Holdrege 9-7, which knocked him out of the runner-up spot.
The No. 1 doubles team of Mason Marsh and Grant Maser, and the No. 2 doubles team of Christian Rogers and Josh Wilson both went 0-4.

“The guys played well, but it’s a learning experience,” Reinmuth said, “so we feel good about it. It was a look at what we might see at the Lexington Invite coming up Sept. 19.”
Reinmuth added that with the talent he has on the team, they will continue to make progress.

Scottsbluff racked up 19 points to finish in fourth place at McCook. In singles play, No. 1 Eric Olsen and No. 2 Sean Mercer-Smith both won a match. But the team’s strong performances came in doubles action.

At No. 1 doubles, Jackson Frank and Owen Parra recorded a win for Scottsbluff.
The No. 2 team of Brady Sindt and Soren Mercer-Smith had played together for a part of last year and the familiarity helped as they won three of their four matches.
The No. 3 doubles team of Patrick Madden and Gunnar Buchhammer also went 3-1 on the day. While they were tied with McCook for the best record, McCook took first place because of the win in an earlier matchup.

“Everyone fought really hard and competed well,” said first year Scottsbluff Coach Maddie Burford. “I though the team has taken everything we’ve done so far this season and showed me they’re ready to learn more. It was a good start for the first match of the season.”

When the Invite wrapped up, Holdrege has won the championship with 44 points. Host McCook came in second with 29 points and Lexington posted 26 points for third place. Scottsbluff took fourth with 19 points, followed by Gering with 12.
Host Gering was able to pull off their triangular with Scottsbluff and Alliance on Tuesda but came away with losses to both opponents.
Although No. 1 singles Alex Lupher took an 8-3 win and No. 2 Jason Doll won 8-0, Gering lost 6-3 to Alliance. The next four singles players were defeated: Mason Marsh (8-2), Grant Maser (8-3), Christian Rogers (8-5) and Josh Wilson (8-5).

In doubles action against Alliance, the No. 1 team of Alex Lupher and Jason Doll took an 8-2 win. However, No. 2 Mason Marsh and Christian Rogers took a 9-7 loss and No. 3 Grant Maser and Josh Wilson lost 8-3.

Scottsbluff fell to Alliance by a 5-4 team score. In singles action, No. 1 Eric Olsen and No. 2 Sean Mercer-Smith both had 8-2 wins, as did No. 4 Brady Sindt with 8-0. Losses went to No. 2 Owen Parra (8-4), Soren Mercer-Smith (8-2) and Jackson Frank (8-4).
In doubles, the No. 2 team of Brady Sindt and Soren Mercer-Smith got the 8-4 win. But the No. 1 team of Jackson Frank and Owen Parra lost 8-3 and No. 3 Patrick Madden and Gunnar Buchhammer lost 8-2.

Tuesday’s late match saw Scottsbluff post a 7-1 win over Gering. On the singles side, Gering was winless. No. 1 Jason Doll lost to Eric Olsen 8-3. No. 2 Alex Lupher also lost 8-4 to Sean Mercer-Smith. Josh Wilson at No. 3 lost to Patrick Madden 8-5 and Grant Maser at No. 4 lost to Brady Sindt, 8-1. No. 5 Luis Hernandez lost to Soren Mercer-Smith 8-5 and Christian Rogers was bested 8-3 by Jan Eisser.

Gering’s No. 1 doubles team of Alex Lupher and Jason Doll pulled out an 8-2 win over Jackson Frank and Owen Parra. But No.2 Luis Hernandez and Christian Rogers lost 8-1 to Brady Sindt and Sean Mercer-Smith. And Mason Marsh and Grant Maser at No. 3 took an 8-6 loss to Patrick Madden and Gunnar Buchhammer.

Scottsbluff coach Maddie Burford said the day went well. “We lost to Alliance by one match, but the boys fought well. They were patient and consistent.”
She added the team needs to work on returning serves and becoming even more consistent. “Out one and two singles played great and did everything I asked. For the doubles, we need to more on movement and playing together.”

Scottsbluff will face Gillette at home on Sept. 5 before their home invitational the next day.
Gering coach Justin Reinmuth described the triangular as “a rough evening.”

“We’re still a young team and learning to play,” he said. “Tomorrow we go back to the drawing board and do what we need to do before Saturday.”
Gering will see their next action on Saturday, Sept. 6 at the Scottsbluff Invitational.
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