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Ross names city structure, new industry as issues
September 25, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Monnette Ross

Lifelong Gering resident Monnette Ross said she’s running for city council in Ward I because she wants to help make a better place of the community that’s given her so much.

Ross has experience on the council. After council member Joyce Hillman-Kortum resigned in 2012 after moving to Scottsbluff, Ross was appointed to complete her term.

“Several people from the community and council members contacted me about running,” she said. “I feel I have a lot to give to the City of Gering now that I’m retired. I belong to the city and want to give back as much as I can.”

Ross said she learned a lot from her months on the council in 2012. “It’s an awesome responsibility and I enjoyed watching how government works and what needed to be done.”

One of the big issues for the city she mentioned was the ongoing proposal to bring a meatpacking plant to Gering. “As things stand right now, it’s a dead issue,” she said. “But I know it’s still out there clicking around. People are concerned about how it would affect their property and our way of life.”

Another issue she sees is a needed reorganization of the city council itself. “There are some members on the council that have been there for a long time. The knowledge and experience they bring is important, but people have told me they’re not happy with the way the council has been functioning. Maybe it’s time for some new blood.”

Another important issue for Ross is Gering’s continued economic development. “What can we do to bring in new business?” she asked. “Rather than bringing in one big company that as a hundred jobs, let’s bring in a number of small businesses that hire maybe 10 people each.”

She added she’s tired of Gering being considered just a bedroom community for Scottsbluff. “I remember being in Gering when it was its own bona fide city. We had successful businesses like Hested’s, McCosh Drug with the old soda fountain, Gering Clothing, Proh’s Furniture and Hartung’s.”

Ross, who spent several years in the advertising business, said we need to talk up Gering for what it has to offer as a place to do business.

Ross is running against incumbent Dan Smith for the Ward I seat on the Gering City Council in the Nov. 4 election.
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