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Gering City Council Ward II: Shields seeks third term on city council
October 02, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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Rebecca Shields

Rebecca Shields, who has served on the Gering City Council in Ward II for the past eight years, is seeking a third term on the board.

As a member of the Recreation Committee, she helped steer projects for the expansion of the city’s existing recreation facilities with an eye for future needs.

“We’ve been considering whether a formal sports complex would work in Gering,” she said. “But even if we have to keep it as simple as remodeling the two softball fields for the high school, we need to keep up with the needs of the community as it grows.”

One of the big issues she said she keeps hearing from her constituents was the lack of transparency with the proposed meatpacking plant for Gering.

“Everyone in the community was talking about it and I hadn’t heard anything about it on the city council side,” Shields said. “I think I was the first one to bring it up at our meeting and ask why all the secrecy. Both council members and citizens have a right to know because this will have a big impact on the community.”

Shields said she’s seeking a third term because she thinks transparency in city government is important and the council should be taking their cue from what the citizens want. I always come to every meeting with an open mind and do what’s best for the community.”

Prior to serving on the council, she served on the Planning Commission.

Shields is being challenged for the Ward II council seat by former city clerk Kerri Schnase-Berge.
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