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Good Morning friend!
Doubles team records successful season
October 09, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

Photo by Kay Grote/Gering Citizen - The No. 1 doubles team of Jason Doll (left) and Alex Lupher take relax as they exit the court after a successful match. Both players were singles competitors until coach Justin Reinmuth switched them to doubles partners.

Both Alex Lupher and Jason Doll have come up through the ranks playing tennis, but this season took them to a new level of success as the No. 1 doubles team for Gering.
Lupher is a senior this year and Doll is a junior, so they’ve had some experience with the Gering tennis team.

“We played as a team a few times, but not regularly until this season,” Lupher said. “It seemed to come together pretty well. There’s a lot more str...

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