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Good Morning friend!
Collection of pet food, supplies being taken for Skipper’s Cupboard
December 04, 2014 Jerry Purvis   

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As we remember those in need this holiday season, don’t forget our four-footed friends that give us so much love and joy during the entire year.

Now in its sixth year, Skipper’s Cupboard provides food for the pets of people who may have fallen on hard times.

“We enjoy getting donations of pet food throughout the year,” said Becky Hale of Skipper’s Cupboard. “We pick up more calls around the holidays, so there’s an extra need for extra food.”

Steve Morgheim, also with Skipper’s Cupboard, said he knows that for some people, the cupboard is bare, not just for themselves, but for their pets as well. In addition to pet food, toys, bowls and other accessories are also missing.

“There are also free things people can give their pets,” Steve said. “Pets need attention, so give them praise or take them for a walk.”
Becky said during the busy holiday season, people tend to forget those small things. And paying attention to our pets makes them calmer during hectic times.

Steve said putting up a stocking for a pet is a good idea. Another one is have family members write a letter to the pet, expressing their gratitude. The letters can be read when the family opens presents. They also can be saved to be remembered in future years.
Over the past six years, Skipper’s Cupboard has collected and distributed about 51,000 pounds of donated pet food, which accounts for about 2,800 separate deliveries to 800 different people.

“We’re always amazed at how many people we help want to give back to the program,” Becky said. “Unexpected issues come up and people need help, but they want to pay it forward and help out others.”
One example was a woman who received help for her pets during a difficult time and is now helping during Skipper’s Cupboard fundraising events.

“One thing to remember at Christmas is being aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership,” Steve said. “If you aren’t ready to be responsible for a pet year round, don’t give one as a Christmas gift.”

Skipper’s Cupboard always accepts donations of pet food and other accessories that people might need for their pets. Their website is skipperscupboard.org or you can find them on Facebook. Donations of pet food, toys or accessories may also be dropped off at the Gering Citizen offices.
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